Lodi United FC

Our 5 year plan

Lodi United FC, strives to fill a lack of soccer potential in our area with good organized soccer play and player development in our community. We are currently working to help unite current soccer programs with our vision. We plan to do this by providing support for their soccer coaches through training and education, thru direction to licensing and by running camps and clinics for coaches and players. We feel this will be a great benefit for these organizations and will give them the much needed support. We also feel this will give coaches, players and families a pathway to more competitive and organized soccer that LUFC will offer.

The principal organizers of LUFC have served in various soccer groups in Lodi and have been sharing our vision for the better part of a year. Most have grown up in Lodi, playing within past local competitive programs, coached within the Lodi sports programs, and served the Lodi community for several years, some 30+ years. The passion is strong for soccer, but also for youth sports and uplifting the Lodi community. The sharing of our vision has sparked interest from Lodi City officials who have expressed interest in LUFC running their soccer recreational program in the near future.

We have developed a plan to create our own player development program that helps players develop the skill needed to play in a competitive soccer environment we are the only club currently offering this in Lodi. We hope that by starting small with younger players that require development will grow our program organically. This will allow LUFC in the next 5 years to have coaches and players that have developed skills to play at higher levels of competition on teams based in Lodi and not have to travel to neighboring larger cities with more established, organized Clubs. Our vision and goal is to BE one of these established, organized Clubs in which individuals seek to further their path in soccer. The 5 year model for LUFC will be a grassroots plan.

Lodi also lacks a soccer facility that can accommodate tournaments or other soccer events. LUFC is working with Lodi native Patrick Ianni, former USMNT, MLS and Soccer All American (UCLA) in developing a plan and funding for a facility. We hope to do this with connections within the school district and City officials.

LUFC feels our growth will need to be controlled but will be based on coaching education, experience, licensing and ongoing training which will allow coaches/trainers to have the tools to properly develop players. We hope to create a network of coaches and families that increase their soccer knowledge and invite a spirit of openness with each other to continue to learn and grow.


Lodi United FC




START: Our club began with 10 teams in our first full season, approx 150 players. Our Winter Academy registered an additional 110 players that were in a 3 month skills training academy, focused on individual technical skills. All of LUFC 10 competitive teams are established with players and licensed coaches. We anticipate an additional 4 younger aged teams using players from our academy in Spring of 2018. Currently we have 15 teams registered for the Fall 2018 soccer season with 300 players.

GROWTH: Our club plans to grow organically through programs we are developing and our relationships with local soccer programs. We are also working with another local soccer rec program, Upward Soccer, helping them organize and develop their own coaches and players. Each of these programs will feed into our LUFC, which will help us reach our 5-year plan.

TRAINING: To support our growth, we will have training programs for both coaches and officials. We are preparing new coaches to understand and gain experience in order to progress to coaching within our competitive program. At the beginning of our club spring 2017 we had 5 licensed coaches. Now a year later we have 18 licensed coaches. All of them are awaiting the changes from US Soccer to continue to learn more as the new courses become available. We have an implemented process where less experienced coaches are paired with a higher licensed more experienced coach to mentor and assist in training and developing session plans.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: One of our main goals as a Club is to provide our community, Lodi, with a program they can be proud of. Community service is important and our Club will be involved in not only fundraising to support our Club, but we will also find opportunities to provide service in our community. Our board members are also involved with service organizations in the community. For example every April Love Lodi provides a day of service at schools, parks, library, and other local non profits. LUFC has participated ad will be participating in 2018 and provide project leadership and manpower for a large service project at one of the City Park locations.

PASSION: There is one area in which we do not lack, and that is passion for the game of soccer. We love the game, we love to coach the game, we love to play the game, we love to talk about the game, we love to train and learn more about the game. The LUFC members will provide a club that all will be proud of. Our pure passion for the game will drive us to make this a successful club that many will want to be a part of; players, coaches, administration, sponsors, etc.