LUFC Winter Futsal


Focused on Better Ball Control

Our winter FUTSAL program will be offered to both current competitive and non competitive players looking to develop their mastery of the soccer ball. Dribbling, passing, First touch and teaching players to be creative is the focus of this fast paced version of the "beautiful game". 

This program will help players develop skills under the pressure of tighter space.

Focus is on creating a fun environment for player to develop better soccer skills. 


Our Inaugural Season

For the first time ever LUFC will be able to offer our players a home base for their FUTSAL/Indoor development.

Where: Venture Academy

When: Twice a month, two games a game day (January/February)



Training in futsal stretches players to master the pressure of tight spaces that no other version of the beautiful game can.

Players will learn to tighten up their first touch, improve their reception skills and see the pitch both on and off the ball in a more time efficient way.

The Best Played Futsal growing up: From great creative players like De Bruyne and Ronaldo to defenders like Marcelo and GK Ederson   

Registration Coming Soon