Fee Structure: What to expect as A Member of LUFC

2012-2010                   550.00 for the year 

2009-2008                   650.00 for the year

2007-2006                   700.00 for the year

2005-2001                    750.00 for the year

In Addition US Club requires a 50.00 registration fee per player.

Expected Jersey Cost for the 2019-20 season


(2 Jerseys, 2 Shorts, 2 Socks, 2 Practice Shirts)

High Quality at a Low Cost

-Thanks to the generosity of our volunteers and local sponsors...LUFC is proud to be a low cost alternative to the PAY-TO-PLAY model found at other clubs in our area. 

-While neighboring club fees rise and expenses are added throughout the year, our goal is to keep the cost for parents low and fixed so the opportunity for player growth can come w/o burden.

-LUFC is also proud to offer player scholarships to low-income families! We are a community of soccer lovers who want to help others foster this love. (we were fortunate enough to offer 10 scholarships last season)